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You want to charter a ship?

Not every company has the opportunity to ship large containers, machines, entire wind turbines or components of large industrial plants with a transport ship on their own. In most cases you will need to charter a ship or reserve some storage space to get your goods to their destination. There are a few pitfalls to be aware of…
Survey Consulting an Bord

That's what we do

• Appraisal and documentation of the condition of the ship to be chartered

• Our specialists carry out an on-site assessment before and after the trip

• Precise documentation of existing or subsequent damage to clarify claims for damages

Bunker Survey inclusive!

As a charterer of a ship, you naturally also have to contribute to the fuel costs. So that you are not surprised by an unjustifiably high demand for payment, we measure the amount of fuel on the ship on site before and after the transport. You really only pay what you have to pay.