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Flag State Inspection

How is the security on board?

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) regulates internationally who is responsible for safety on board a ship and its condition in general. The individual checklist for each country for such a flag state inspection is the decisive basis for any insurance questions in the event of damage to your transport goods.

That's what we do

• We check the condition of the ship

• We carry out comprehensive security checks on board

• Checking the number and condition of crew members

• Checking the working and safety conditions for the crew on board the ship

• Preparation of a final report

Everything strictly according to the checklist!

Our nautical-technical appraisers carry out the complete flag state inspection strictly in accordance with specifications and compliance with international regulations and, of course, in accordance with the necessary checklists. We document the entire process in detail so that you are always on the safe side should the worst come to the worst.

You can always rely on our expertise.