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Cargo Damages & Cargo Surveys

What happens if your cargo is damaged?​

Sometimes, despite the most careful security measures on board, incidents occur in which your goods can be damaged or even destroyed. But then what is to be done? Who is to blame and who is liable for the damage caused?

GSM Consulting provides you with professional cargo survey services right at your side.

Brennendes Schiff

We do that on site

• Determination and documentation of the damage incurred

• Determination of the residual value of the charge

• Determination of who caused the damage

• Determination of the exact course of events

• Communication with shipowners, charterers, experts and insurance companies

• Preparation of a final report

Marine Survey Consulting

Our nautical-technical appraisers are at your side worldwide when it comes to the documentation and processing of damage during the shipment of your goods. We will not leave you standing in the rain!
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