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Break bulk - Project Cargo

Too big for a container?

Would you like to ship a larger machine or a larger component that no longer fits in a container with standard dimensions? In this case, it is a so-called general cargo, which requires special treatment in terms of dimensions or load securing.
But what exactly makes a project load so special?

What we do

• Appraisal of the cargo to be shipped at the place of origin (e.g. factory) with regard to weight, securing points (lashing points)

• Listing of all necessary data such as weight, center of gravity and lifting possibilities of the goods to be transported

• Determination of the load securing required during transport

• Which device is used for loading and unloading?

• What are the requirements on board the ship?

• Creation of a storage sketch “Stowage And Securing Sketch” with special CAD software

That's what we do

• Condition Survey 1: Personal inspection of the transported goods by us at the place of origin (manufacturer) for possible damage during loading onto the means of transport to the ship.

• Condition Survey 2: Re-inspection of the transported goods when unloaded in the seaport.

• Pre-Load Survey: Control and documentation of the storage of the transport goods at the port terminal before loading onto the transport ship.

• Loading, Condition and Securing Survey: Assessment and certification of the load securing carried out by the employees at the terminal (lashing gear).

• Unloading & Condition Survey: Determination of the condition of the transported goods before and after unloading at the port of destination, including recording of any damage and immediate notification of the cause and customer. (24 hour period)

• Preparation of a final report